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Our Mission: To ensure that all Branford Children, birth through age eight years, are happy, healthy, safe, and successful, with a love of learning in school and in life. YouTube CLICK HERE TO VISIT

Branford Early Childhood Collaborative coordinates early childhood efforts for children birth to age 8 as Branford's local early childhood council (LECC).

Programs on summer hiatus...Check back soon for our Fall schedule!

Funded for nearly 15 years through a partnership grant from the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund (GMF), the State Department of Education (SDE) and The Children's Fund of Connecticut, the BECC is successfully engaging a broad cross-section of our community and has developed an early childhood community blueprint in the areas of health, safety, socio-economic and early childhood education for all children in Branford. We are aligned with the Connecticut Early Childhood Investment Framework, Ready by 5 and Fine by 9.

The collaborative membership consists of town leaders, community organizations, public & private pre-k and elementary schools, health care community, businesses and families that are committed to the well-being and healthy development of Branford's children.

Help Make A Difference

Branford Early Childhood Collaborative welcomes participation by all members of the community! Like our Facebook Page. Join a committee or workgroup but most important, keep informed!

Parents play a particularly important role in our partnership.

As the first and most important teachers of their children, parents understand which strategies will work best to support their children's healthy development and early learning.

Educators, business people, social service providers, and health providers all have experience, expertise, and talents that the partnership can benefit from.

Working together will help us all more effectively reach our goals for Branford's children.

If you wish to become involved or would just like more information click Join Us to find out more or contact our Collaborative Coordinator Robin Comey at branford.becc@gmail.com.

Grow with us...because the early years matter.

>> Community Report: Status of Branford Children published 10/14/15

Robin Comey

Collaborative Coordinator

p: 203 415 5237
e: branford.becc@gmail.com

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